Buddhagaya Tour Group


                     Our group arranges the privileges to Buddhagaya, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, yearly. Special arrangements

   for those who would like to go in group or with family.

                     Win Win Buddhagaya Pilgrimage tour service was operated since 2013 and with good experienced we will serve you and your family 

with best service which you have never received before in your life. We are also pleased to arrange special group package tour and family tour.

   Condensed Milk

                 Since 1986, WW condensed milk has been starting and we distribute our products to different places in Myanmar.We 

produce the quality condensed milk by using fresh and pure milk and high-qualified sugar jn our own factory.WW purified drinking

 water factory is established in 2006 in Madaya. We systematically purified the natural water with modern machines. We 

distribute our products to the surrounding 20miles of our factory.

   Water Treatement Service

                We produce Water Purifying Machines for domestic and industrial use. Raw materials are from Myanmar, China and 

Thailand. We could give the service of helping you run the machines by yourself according to the situation of your work. Our 

services are everywhere in Myanmar and you could adjust the after sale service. 

The machines now we are using are :

 1. Setting up RO water purifying machines for domestic and industrial use. 

 2. Importing 3 in 1 machines from Thailand and China 

 3. Setting and importing freezers (Tube and block)

  Hotel Supply

                 We have started our hotel supply business in 2013 and we have been supplying housekeeping products and bathroom amenities set 

for more than five hundred Hotel, Motel, Inn and Guest house through the whole country. Mainly we import the materials from Thailand and China. 

Our sales and marketing team will give you best service and sales support with customized and non customized products.